Art by Lemorris 2014 Review

February 27th, 2015

I got a chance to go ahead and string some pics together to make a review of the some of the stuff I drew last year.


Sneek Peek…this way something muscle comes…

February 14th, 2015

More on deck, this is just a preview.  Kinda moving out of the VW world….Kinda liking it.  :)







SuperNationals 2015 Design

January 23rd, 2015

I was blown away when I got the call to do this job.  It was really fun to stretch my wings a little.

car show tshirt design

Fix, Drive, Break…Repeat Shirts available now! $25

November 26th, 2014

The first run of the FDB..R shirts are available here!

Only $25 and free shipping in the US!

Check them out.


Bug Print Available $15

November 5th, 2014

vw art print

The 2-tone Bug Print is ready to go!  8 x 10 for only $15, 11 x 14 for only $25 !  Just in time for the holidays.  You can see details here.

The Lem Shop is open and ready for business. You can check it out here.  I’ll be adding products regularly so check back often.  Feels good to be here.  Thank you all for your patience.  If there’s something you’d like to see in the store, shoot me an email:   Thanks again.




JD Curry VW Drag Car

October 2nd, 2014

Here’s a quick look at a recent gig.  Pretty fun car to draw.


car show t shirt

Pencil rough gets laid down

car show t shirt

Inking stage

car show t shirt

Color Base

car t shirt

That which is shiny! :)




Brand New Lem-tenna Balls!!! Only $10

July 28th, 2014

antenna ball lemorris

FREE SHIPPING in the USA!!! (merica) These Lem-like antenna balls are hand crafted right here in my studio. I draw a smiley face and sign the back of each one personally.  Leave a note if you want a crooked smile.So far they have held up in the rain, but it is straw and regular paint so it’s a novelty. There are no guarantees.Each ball is shipped in a crush resistant box and includes a card and a personally crafted origami boulder for added protection.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.   US Only.

Individually hand crafted and signed limited edition antenna ball. A must have for the serious collector…and the non serious ones too. :)

Buy now

Single Cab Toons are the bestest!!

July 14th, 2014

Real quick….I am having this event on my facebook page.  It’s the ‘post a picture of your VW and I might draw it event.”  Pretty cool actually.  There’s a number of submissions and it’s a great way for me to build my repurposable art library.  I even have clients going into the event and selecting vehicles to go in their designs.  :)

cartoon vw drawing by lemorrisI went in and selected this guys bus to do a toon of.  It was totally random, but I’m really ok with where this one landed.  he seems happy so I’m callin it done.

It’s a cool thing.  Check it out if you get a chance.





I totally Lime Crushed it!

June 29th, 2014

When I first heard from the guys at Mr. Gasket last year I got waaaaaaaaaaay excited, but then my joy turned into some serious sadness as my schedule couldn’t accommodate their needs. I was a bit mopey cause I know exactly who these guys are and it’s not often you get approached by 50 year old mainstays like Mr. gasket and the Accel Performance group.

I put it out of my head and moved on. I was even happier than the happy I had the first time, when THEY CALLED ME BACK! :) As it turns out the timing before wasn’t the best for them either, but they really wanted me to do the job. Me = STOKED!

On top of all that the job was for the 66 Suburban that is touring the country and winning all the frekkin awards. They named it “Lime Crush” and you can see why it’s all the rage right now.

lime crush suburban

They wanted a semi Ratfink kinda look. I wouldn’t say my take is very Rothish, but I definitely pay homage while trying to keep it my own. I did a rough rough sketch of their concept. Fortunately my point of contact had vision. I’d hate to be held to one of my sketches. :)

cartoon truck drawing lemorris

Then I worked it up a tad.

truck cartoon lemorris

and finally I brought the whole thing home.

lime crush truck cartoon lemorris

It was super fun to do and also got to mess with a semi cell-shaded style.  I think I’ll do more.

Big thanks to the guys at Mr. Gasket and the Accel performance group.  I appreciate the shot and the re-shot.


FunFest Fun-Ness!

May 23rd, 2014

It’s funny.  As an artist you go through so much turmoil.  You can lose hair over the color of a crayon!!!  Who knew?!?!

Anyway, once in a while a gig comes along that gives you that 2 seconds of “yay” that you need to keep fighting the good fight.

When I got the call from these guys it was one of those “wow….maybe I don’t suck” moments.  Getting a chance to do a gig for one of the big boys is always fun.  The entire experience was great!

Unfortunately I can’t make it to the event, but this is one of those signature pieces.  FunFest indeed.

car show shirt art by lemorris


car show tshirt by lemorris


p.s.   I’m gonna add the word Ninja to my description in hopes someone searches it and finds my post.  :)

THE Tour….just sayin…that’s what it is…playa. :)

May 21st, 2014

Got a chance to do one of the HRM Power Tour shirts again.  I came in later than I wanted, but I really like where it landed.  Sometimes less…is more.  Super fun gig.

car show t-shirt art

car show t-shirt art

car show t-shirt art

p.s.  Gotta send some love to all my family in Milwaukee.  Shout out to my Dad…R.I.P.  Anything Wisonsin is at Him.  :)

Really cool to get this shot.


How I draw Semi-real style cars in Photoshop (This week :) )…a WIP-Torial

April 30th, 2014

How I draw cars seems to be a bit different depending on the type of style and really, how much I learned recently.  It seems to be ever evolving so….this is how I do a semi-real looking car design at this point in time….check back with me next week cause I might be doin somethin totally different.  :)

anyway…here we go.
The Job:
It’s a a 3 car t-shirt design for a Northern California aircooled (old) VW shop. They sent me photos of their vehicles for reference and their company logo. Ultimately the design will be 5 color spot separated and ready for the screenprinter to output, burn screens and print. Pretty routine.

Step 1:

I start by doing all my pencil work. I draw the vehicles on regular old paper. I use a 5mm zebra tech pencil and a lot of eraser! I draw each vehicle at least twice, sometimes more. After I do the initial drawing, I scan it, size it up, print it out in blue line (ctrl+U hue/saturation colorize) then I put it on my lighttable and tape a clean piece of paper over it and transfer it. I fix what I can and repeat this process until I’m ok with the pencil base. I like starting out with the pencil because it gives the final render a more organic feel. It’s still digital but the imperfections make it human. It’s why I like Bugs Bunny so much.

Here’s the bus rough 1:

Read the rest of this entry »

CJ Smitty….My plan to take over NorCal continues… muh-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa

April 27th, 2014

I’m thrilled to have had a shot at the work for Smitty’s. They’re a cool outfit up in NorCal and as you know my plan for global domination is starting in that area. :)

Anyway…there’s a real big step by step tutorial on the build of this design comin. here’s the main players until then.




vw tshirt illustration by lemorris

Chico VW and The Masters of the Universe.

April 27th, 2014

One of the pages I follow on Facebook is named “Skeletor is Love” Every day they put up a picture of Skeletor and time a positive message. Things like “Today I will use my smile for goodness.” or “Today, I will turn a bad into a good.” Well This gig from Chico VW is an example of something that appeared to be going bad, but changed into a very good. I thought I would lose the opportunity to work with them when my point of contact took another job. Turns out I still got the Chico Show aaaaaannnnnnnddddd I get to work with the dealership my point of contact went to!….Skeletor IS Love!

vw illustration car art by lemorris

Bus Pilots are the Best Pilots!

April 27th, 2014

I was soooooooo stoked to get a chance to do the art for The Bus Pilots of Idaho again this year. The 20th anniversary is always special and these cats had a great concept. When they told me what they had in mind, I said “A split-window choo-choo Bus-Train?!?!….are you kidding me?!…ummmm YEAH!!…I’ll do that!” :) Super fun. If you’re in the area, go to the show, I hear it’s a blast.


automotive art by lemorris

Manxsters decongest!…who knew?!?!

April 4th, 2014

Sometimes you go through periods as an artist where it’s just hard to get stuff done.  It’s not because you suck, it’s not because you lack confidence….it’s just because you’re all congested with work and mental obstacle courses.  Then along comes a Manxter toon and as soon as it’s done…everything flows.  I’m thinking I need to take 2 of these a month and then I won’t get all stuffed up.  :)

Really fun toon.  The Manxster is a modern version of the Meyers Manx dune buggy.  Bruce Meyers is an American pioneer and I have had the pleasure of chatting with him a couple times.  This Manxter was given as a gift to a member of the Manx Club, Scott.  he’s also a great cat to work with so I was happy they asked me to make this piece for him.  Yay.


dune buggy cartoon

My 2013 Art Review Video

February 4th, 2014

I recently got a chance to string a quick vid together showcasing some of the work I did in 2013.  Enjoy!

1958 GFKartoon

January 4th, 2014

I do a lot of VW drawings because I hang out in those circles and I drive a 1958 VW daily. The air cooled VW community is very large and for a car that really didn’t change that much over the years, compared to other vehicle makes and models, it’s an extremely diverse community. There are many clubs in many disciplines within the hobby. One of the more high end clubs is The German Folks Club….GFK. Now…in the VW world all the GFK cats dance like Raj on What’s Happenin, and they walk like George Jefferson…..because they can. They’re cars are top notch. Some of the best VW restorations you will ever see.

Anyway…I know a couple of them because I dance like Raj too, and it turns out I got a shot at drawin a toon of Jason’s car. His girl Friday is a big supporter and Jay has been down for a while so I was happy to take a crack at it.

Clearly I had all the necessary tools as I started to draw. :)


The pencil work landed nice. The distortion had a fun flavor.


Base color added in photoshop.


Roughed in some tones.


Then painted in some detail.

All in all it went pretty smooth. I got to have some fun sharin steps and funk music on Jays Facebook wall too. :)

Oh…big shout out to Friday for the support. You made this happen. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the opportunity.


The Family that Bays Together…Stays Together?..a VW Bus Cartoon Story

December 25th, 2013

The VW Bus is about as iconic as it gets.  Few things light up people’s eyes when they see it like a Aircooled Volkswagon.

Here’s a little step by step for Melissa and her adorable family.  I never got her husbands name and this was a gift for him so I’m gonna give him a super stud name…hmmm…let’s call him  Gage.  Yeah… Gage Rothrock after a dude I knew that turned me on to MF Doom.

Here we go.


This is where it finished up.  Pretty cool Bay Window VW Bus.  The pics Melissa sent were great!  I drive my VW daily and I really like seeing a bus that gets driven and enjoyed.

This is where it started.  I sketched this one on paper with my trusty pencil.  My thumbnail sketch was about the size Read the rest of this entry »

Mustang Xmas… A CARtoon Illustration for Earl

December 25th, 2013

First…to answer the obvious question…Yes…Mustang Xmas is my obscure reference to “Corvette Summer”…I saw that film with my Uncle Russell back in the day.  One of the coolest summers of my life was hangin with him when I was an ankle biter.  :)

Anyway…let’s do this.

This post is  for Earl.  Your main squeeze Terry commissioned me to draw your car as part of my Xmas toon special and I told her I would make this post for you my man.

Basically we will break down your drawing step by step and hopefully you’re sitting on your beanbag chair or waterbed futon reading this, and loving it.  :)

cartoon car drawing

Here’s the finished…but…

cartoon car drawing

 Your toon started here.  I jumped into Photoshop with a head full of funk music and a really scratchy pencil brush.  Terry sent me a couple few pics so I just let loose and threw some lines at it.  These initial rough sketches really just help establish form and they are more like mental notes I will follow later on.  Cool thing about this piece, I did my rough rough sketch Read the rest of this entry »