Bellcoff Trucking: Dump Trunk Drawing

I had the pleasure of doing a dumptruck drawing for these cool folk in Washington state. I don’t often get many big rigs coming through the studio so I had fun on this one. They are a lot harder to draw than regular vehicles as there is a lot of detail and the proportions like the vehicles are so much larger than the types of cars I normally do.

However, I’m never one to run from a challenge and I gave it my best shot. In the end I was really happy with how it came out. The shirts and posters are getting printed now. can’t wait to see how they land.

Here’s a video, speedpaint style of the render, and a few process shots for you.



big rig drawing

The rough pencil stage. The X’s indicate solid black areas.

big rig drawing

A look at the line art in progress. Inked in Photoshop CC

big rig drawing

Adding some flat colors.

big rig drawing

The start of the tone stage. Fleshing it out.

big rig drawing vehicle illustration

Final render in all it’s Dump Truck Glory.

big rig drawing vehicle illustration

The shirt/poster layout. Fun gig.

From Client to Family: The Vintage Wagens VW T-shirt Story

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. -Richard Bach

Pretty sappy for an art cat but in this case it couldn’t be more accurate.  Sometimes a job comes around that changes your entire path and leads to a connection that is life changing in both spirit and action.  That’s me and my man Vince Powers of Vintage Wagens in a nutshell.

t-shirt art, car art

4 car t-shirt art for Vintage Wagens

So…I’m chillin at home one day, picking my nose and feeling stale about art in general.  It happens.  Growth in art can be slow and sometimes you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and just not getting anywhere. I was having one of those years and then I get an email from this cat near Atlanta.

He made mention of knowing my work in videos from like 10 years ago and he said he wanted to talk about doing a project for him.  I get on the phone with this dude and instantly there’s a bond.  It was weird.  Like we have been friends forever.  Like military friends, ya know?  Turns out Vince restores cars in the Atlanta area.  He was looking at his favorite shirt which happens to be a gig I did and he saw my name.  That prompted the email.

What followed was nothing short of phenomenal.  This cat is so cool I struggle to find the words to describe him.  Just know that after hours and hours of conversations that go waaaaaaaay beyond just art, and getting a chance to meet, eat and hang out at a VW event in Florida, Vince is family to me.  This cat lifted me from a deep down bad place and ignited a whole new flame.  His tagline line is “Next Level Restorations.”  It was through him that I was able to take my art as well as myself to the “Next Level”.  I am honored to have V in my world.

Now…let’s look at the art!



Vince is an excellent car builder.  He sent me pics of the 4 vehicles he wanted on this t-shirt design, and I was blown away!  The quality of the restos is as good as I have seen in the hobby, plus he has a flair to his builds…a little attitude if you will.

I roughed out some layouts and then set about rendering the cars.


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Brand New Lem-tenna Balls!!! Only $10

antenna ball lemorris

FREE SHIPPING in the USA!!! (merica) These Lem-like antenna balls are hand crafted right here in my studio. I draw a smiley face and sign the back of each one personally.  Leave a note if you want a crooked smile.So far they have held up in the rain, but it is straw and regular paint so it’s a novelty. There are no guarantees.Each ball is shipped in a crush resistant box and includes a card and a personally crafted origami boulder for added protection.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.   US Only.

Individually hand crafted and signed limited edition antenna ball. A must have for the serious collector…and the non serious ones too. :)

Buy now

1958 GFKartoon

I do a lot of VW drawings because I hang out in those circles and I drive a 1958 VW daily. The air cooled VW community is very large and for a car that really didn’t change that much over the years, compared to other vehicle makes and models, it’s an extremely diverse community. There are many clubs in many disciplines within the hobby. One of the more high end clubs is The German Folks Club….GFK. Now…in the VW world all the GFK cats dance like Raj on What’s Happenin, and they walk like George Jefferson…..because they can. They’re cars are top notch. Some of the best VW restorations you will ever see.

Anyway…I know a couple of them because I dance like Raj too, and it turns out I got a shot at drawin a toon of Jason’s car. His girl Friday is a big supporter and Jay has been down for a while so I was happy to take a crack at it.

Clearly I had all the necessary tools as I started to draw. :)


The pencil work landed nice. The distortion had a fun flavor.


Base color added in photoshop.


Roughed in some tones.


Then painted in some detail.

All in all it went pretty smooth. I got to have some fun sharin steps and funk music on Jays Facebook wall too. :)

Oh…big shout out to Friday for the support. You made this happen. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the opportunity.


1956 Buick Toon for my buddy Fish

True, Fish may be a strange name, but he’s a great guy. Last year I gave a rendering away as a raffle prize at a car show. I was thrilled when Fish’s number got called. He swam up to me and wagged his…..ok..ok…his name is Steve, and anyway…he swam up to me and wagged his scaley fish body and…LOLOL :)

Let’s make this short. Fish won, I drew his Buick. Yay!

Here’s where it landed. If you want to see all the steps click “Read the rest of this entry” below

56 Buick Cartoon Illustration

56 Buick Cartoon Illustration

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