Buses by The Bridge 2018 Event Art Recap

Every couple few years I get a shot at doing the artwork for the Annual Buses by the Bridge event in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  The show organizers are good friends and it’s fun to do a full cartoon design.

Before I get into this recap, I need to thank Cory “Screamin Eagle” Houck and Ronnie “Disco Boogie” Feitelson.   Freedom of design is a great gift to give a designer.  Thank you for entrusting me and keeping me grounded when I was bouncing off the satellites.

Also I need to send some love to John “Legend” Howard, Denise “D-Train” Howard, Art “White Version of my Dad” Lyons, Launa “Falana” Lyons, Bob “Soul on Ice” Bolen, and Mona “The Rock” Bolen.  You guys always have my back.  I appreciate your support, but moreso, your great friendship.

OK…here we go.

The Finished Art:

vw tshirt drawing cartoon car show
This is the 22nd time this event has been held.  I swear it feels like 50 though.  It is one of the signature mainly VW bus events in the country.  There’s nothing like hundreds of buses and many hundreds of “bus people” gathering for 4 days!  Much joy is had by all.  They also raise much funds for charity and it really is a community effort.

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Florida Bug Jam 2016 Car Show T-shirt/Poster Art

Last year I got to do art for the 2015 Florida Bug jam.  It was a Star Wars influenced design and it went over extremely well.  When I got the call this year there was a little intimidation.  It’s hard to follow up STAR WARS!!!  I mean, that’s like coming on stage to sing after Mel Torme or  Blossom Dearie!  Tough order for sure.

It was cool cause the expectations were lowered and most folks understood.  That however did not stop us from going with a Marvelesque theme and putting our best foot forward!

car show t-shirt art

This is where the design landed.  It was a blast to get a chance to be creative and give my take on what these heroes would drive.


car show t-shirt art

As always I started out with a rough sketch.  I know it’s very plain, but I saw the entire design at this stage.  The rest of the steps are below.

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How I draw Semi-real style cars in Photoshop (This week :) )…a WIP-Torial

How I draw cars seems to be a bit different depending on the type of style and really, how much I learned recently.  It seems to be ever evolving so….this is how I do a semi-real looking car design at this point in time….check back with me next week cause I might be doin somethin totally different.  :)

anyway…here we go.
The Job:
It’s a a 3 car t-shirt design for a Northern California aircooled (old) VW shop. They sent me photos of their vehicles for reference and their company logo. Ultimately the design will be 5 color spot separated and ready for the screenprinter to output, burn screens and print. Pretty routine.

Step 1:

I start by doing all my pencil work. I draw the vehicles on regular old paper. I use a 5mm zebra tech pencil and a lot of eraser! I draw each vehicle at least twice, sometimes more. After I do the initial drawing, I scan it, size it up, print it out in blue line (ctrl+U hue/saturation colorize) then I put it on my lighttable and tape a clean piece of paper over it and transfer it. I fix what I can and repeat this process until I’m ok with the pencil base. I like starting out with the pencil because it gives the final render a more organic feel. It’s still digital but the imperfections make it human. It’s why I like Bugs Bunny so much.

Here’s the bus rough 1:

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Mopar Baracuda Toon

So…on my facebook art page I held this contest and an old friend of mine won. more people voted I should draw his car. I was doin stuff a little differently then so I waited until I felt like I had something at least different to do with the piece. I started this whole pencil sketch color non-sense because of this book I got or I might have seen it on a CGI forum…anyway…I figure if they can do it to a dragon, I can do it to a car….(makes sense to me for some reason, but then again…the owl in Clash of the Titans didn’t bother me much, so that outta tell you somethin.) Contine reading

Speedworld takes shape.

The Speedworld VW show is a dragrace/car show held in Surprise Arizona. I’m fortunate enough to get a crack at doin this job. It’s fun cause it’s always toony and they give me a lot of freedom. The following study is just for flyers and will serve as a map for the final rendering.

You put your rough sketch in…and you shake it all about.

So…this whole trying to keep character thing is moving…I can’t say it’s moving forward but it is moving.  :) The process of rendering via the rough sketch is tricky but really fun.

I got an opportunity to do a piece for a cool cat in the UK.  He has a real nice fastback and I will get a chance to repurpose it for a future design.

Here’s a couple shots from end to begin.

Really was a fun piece. I know I say I learned a lot all the time, but I really did.

Big thanks to Simon.  NEXT!!  :)