Inking with the pen tool in Photoshop: Drawing a Jeep.

Yay!!  I’m back!  I have much to share so picking a starting point was rough.  I recently upgraded my equipment and I have the ability to record my screen and edit the video so I think starting out with some video’s aimed at education is a good thing.

This video is of a current project I’m working on.  Here is one of the ways I ink in Photoshop using the pen tool.



Speed Painting Video: Jit’s Whip – The Contour Lines

OK…to make a medium length story short…

There’s this awesome caricature artist named Jit. He lives in Singapore and he’s bada_s. I came across his work on facebook and was blown away. I sent him a note and now we’re BFF’s. (I’m making a Jit sleeping bag…just sayin.) You gotta visit his site here. If you are on facebook his page is here. Friend him and freak out.

anyway…turns out we have a lot in common and we decided to do an art exchange between jobs. He is doing a caricature of me and I am doing a CAR-icature of his car (whip).

I always say that the internet makes the world small and this is a perfect example. I might not ever have had a chance to meet and share ideas with someone like Jit…I am thrilled.

I decided to do my first speed painting videos of the development…so…here’s part 1…the contour….if you know me…any excuse to bring the LOWAH….:)…enjoy!