Chico and the Me

I could smell the hops from the nearby Sierra Nevada brewery as I opened the door to Chico Volkswagen in Chico, California. The VW team was clearly busy on this slightly rainy day, but someone stopped and asked if they could help me. I told them I had an appointment with Barry and immediately he appeared…LIKE POOF!!…almost as if manifested….it was weird.


Barry was way cool and we hit it off right away. He took me outside to the lot next door where I saw this super clean restored vintage gas station. I have a Sinclair sign myself so it was great to see the Dino pumps. Barry explained to me that the owner of Chico VW was actually in VW service for something like 20 years and as the Chico community grew, he applied for and was awarded a VW dealership. Knowing that the dealership has a foundation in actual VW service is feather-in-cap worthy IMO. The gas station Resto was something that kind of happened in conjunction with the city of Chico. It looked like a real nice setting for a show for sure.

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