First Fridolin after 25 years

I’ve been doin car art and VW art in particular for 2 and half decades.  My start is another story for another post another day, but just suffice to say, dues have been paid in spades.

In any case I actually got a chance to to a Fridolin!  “What’s a Fridolin?” you ask.   It’s like an ultra-rare VW ex-mail truck thing that everybody in the hobby wants but since only like 8 exist in the USA there’s only like…well…I guess 8 cool people.

This is one of 2 extremely rare vintage VWs I’m doing for the Eliot brothers that put on DubSplash.  Super cool cats.  I hope to go to the show.  Honored to get a shot at one of these.

Here’s a pic:

vw fridolin vw art

and here’s the render vid:

Buses by The Bridge 2018 Event Art Recap

Every couple few years I get a shot at doing the artwork for the Annual Buses by the Bridge event in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  The show organizers are good friends and it’s fun to do a full cartoon design.

Before I get into this recap, I need to thank Cory “Screamin Eagle” Houck and Ronnie “Disco Boogie” Feitelson.   Freedom of design is a great gift to give a designer.  Thank you for entrusting me and keeping me grounded when I was bouncing off the satellites.

Also I need to send some love to John “Legend” Howard, Denise “D-Train” Howard, Art “White Version of my Dad” Lyons, Launa “Falana” Lyons, Bob “Soul on Ice” Bolen, and Mona “The Rock” Bolen.  You guys always have my back.  I appreciate your support, but moreso, your great friendship.

OK…here we go.

The Finished Art:

vw tshirt drawing cartoon car show
This is the 22nd time this event has been held.  I swear it feels like 50 though.  It is one of the signature mainly VW bus events in the country.  There’s nothing like hundreds of buses and many hundreds of “bus people” gathering for 4 days!  Much joy is had by all.  They also raise much funds for charity and it really is a community effort.

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Photoshop Inking: VW Notchback

Notchback VWs are not the norm, so I get geeked over getting a shot at one.

I’m recording the whole process, but here’s the lineart for your preview. I had a couple lines to tweak, but it’s all good.

Really fun car to illustrate in Photoshop. Ooooooozes character.



p.s. Got to try my new tag out for the first time. I may run with it for a while. I’m still Lemorris, but Lem just seems to de-formalize and flow like me. :)

Cartoon GTO Automotive Illustration in Photoshop with video.

From Animal to Animal

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend art school here in Tucson in the late 80’s.  At the time the school was called The Art Center of Tucson.  It has since grown and is now known as the Southwest University of Visual Arts (SUVA).   We were schooled in more traditional methods of illustration and design.  Computers were just coming onto the scene so we did layouts by hand, marker illustrations, inkings with rapdiographs etc.  It was a blast.  Our class was a mix of many cultures, including the “act like we didn’t have no damn sense” culture. :)  As it turns out, my future wife Carole sat in front of me in class.  The instructors and admin referred to us as “THE ANIMALS” a moniker we took great pride in.  Well one of my fellow Animal classmates was this guy named Colby.  He was soooooooooooo funny!!!  A little crazy like all of us, but a seriously talented illustrator and a good friend.

I was honored when he contacted me on FaceBook and asked me about doing a cartoon of his 2004 GTO.  I took on the job and it went extremely well.  It was nice to stretch my legs a little and have some fun doing something that had a little more meaning to me.


cartoon car drawing


I have my recording system working well now so I was able to capture the entire process and turn it into a series of speedpaint videos.  You can watch them all below.  Total time is about 20 minutes but It’s split into 6 videos…makes it easier to digest.  Enjoy.

I’m pretty pleased with where it landed.  I got to remember a lot of the good times we had back in art school.  I’m glad this happened.


Inking with the pen tool in Photoshop: Drawing a Jeep.

Yay!!  I’m back!  I have much to share so picking a starting point was rough.  I recently upgraded my equipment and I have the ability to record my screen and edit the video so I think starting out with some video’s aimed at education is a good thing.

This video is of a current project I’m working on.  Here is one of the ways I ink in Photoshop using the pen tool.