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You know, they say art is an old persons game. You don’t really understand that until you get old.

I think it’s a reference to the fact that you continue to learn new and grow as you get older in the profession. Times change fast as new technologies are introduced every day it seems, but nothing will ever replace sketching. I amend my previous post. Paper hasn’t jumped the shark. Artist will always find paper, or tablets, or napkins or cave walls or whatever is available to express themselves.

That being the case, I am still playing in Photoshop sketching and loving it. I am a pretty loose sketcher, but there is an underlying feel in the line….pretty funky….pretty fun.


It looks like “PAPER” is jumping the shark.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos on drawing techniques and methods. I stumbled across a cool tutorial on sketching in Photoshop. I have been trying to get a handle on a way to sketch digitally that fit my flow. I have been all about paper for decades so its been tough to get a handle on it.

In any case the video I watched, turned a light on and though its rough…it’s the beginning of paper jumping the shark in my toons.

Pretty fun.


The EMPI Mango Bus Pencil Work

The second bus in the first EMPI design is a Mango that I selected via a thread on The Samba (a silly place that VW people flock to.) I will often ask for images over there. I could just do a flikr search or google image search and find stuff but it’s more fun to ask people to participate with you. I will do prints of the bus for the owner and send him a link to the development thread that will start for this design tonite.

vw bus drawing

Pencils started for the EMPI work

Finally got a jump on the ELPI work and I get to start with my new friend Henry’s bus. Not only have I seen this bus in person, I personally know the owner and he is one of the nicest cats I have met in this hobby. Great bus, better guy. I’m honored.

vw bus drawing

Nomad Sketch

This Nomad rough is finally starting to come along. I have to re-draw it at least one more time but I can see the car in there so I’m ok with it.

This is really turning out to be a fun project and a welcome change of pace.

nomad drawing

Tow Truck Sketch

Did this for another artist named Josh. He’s tons better than me so getting to do a small part was a semi-big deal to me. Another super hot-shot artist named Larry sent me some reference and lended a hand so eventhough it’s just a sketch it was really cool to rub elbows with the big boys for a sec.

Camaro Rough Madness


Camaro Ka-Razay!!!


ok, not really that funny. Here’s the roughs for a thing I got on deck. I’ll be drawing each at least one more time so I can tighten up the things that need tightening. I am enjoying being in this one now. I’ll be busy tonight and tomorrow as these will hit the computer soon.


ok pics

camaro art

camaro art