Bellcoff Trucking: Dump Trunk Drawing

I had the pleasure of doing a dumptruck drawing for these cool folk in Washington state. I don’t often get many big rigs coming through the studio so I had fun on this one. They are a lot harder to draw than regular vehicles as there is a lot of detail and the proportions like the vehicles are so much larger than the types of cars I normally do.

However, I’m never one to run from a challenge and I gave it my best shot. In the end I was really happy with how it came out. The shirts and posters are getting printed now. can’t wait to see how they land.

Here’s a video, speedpaint style of the render, and a few process shots for you.



big rig drawing
The rough pencil stage. The X’s indicate solid black areas.
big rig drawing
A look at the line art in progress. Inked in Photoshop CC
big rig drawing
Adding some flat colors.
big rig drawing
The start of the tone stage. Fleshing it out.
big rig drawing vehicle illustration
Final render in all it’s Dump Truck Glory.
big rig drawing vehicle illustration
The shirt/poster layout. Fun gig.

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