First Fridolin after 25 years

vw fridolin vw art

I’ve been doin car art and VW art in particular for 2 and half decades.  My start is another story for another post another day, but just suffice to say, dues have been paid in spades.

In any case I actually got a chance to to a Fridolin!  “What’s a Fridolin?” you ask.   It’s like an ultra-rare VW ex-mail truck thing that everybody in the hobby wants but since only like 8 exist in the USA there’s only like…well…I guess 8 cool people.

This is one of 2 extremely rare vintage VWs I’m doing for the Eliot brothers that put on DubSplash.  Super cool cats.  I hope to go to the show.  Honored to get a shot at one of these.


Here’s the render vid:

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