If you water it…it will grow: A friend tale.

Some jobs fall into your lap and through the process they add value to your life.  This Water Truck Toon is one such gig.  Before I break it down, here’s the render vid:


Pretty fly huh?  🙂  So, here’s what went down.


I get a call from a shop asking if I can do a ratfink like toon of a water truck.  My eyebrows raise and my face contorts into a scrunchy grape deep inquisitive pose.  It’s the first time I’ve been asked to do something like this.  I agree to talk to the client and things were awesome right away!  Her name is Chrissy.  I get on the phone with her and she is so kick back cool, there was no way I was not gonna do this.  She owns the company. She tells me it’s kind of a surprise and she wants to do some shirts and hoodies for her family.  I’m way down!!  So we agree on a price and the sketching begins.

It was fun to try a few thumbnails to get a feel for it.  One stuck out to me so I decided to work it up a bit.

I made my initial rough blue, printed it out and sketched over the top of it.  this time thinking attitude.  Chrissy wanted her husband Gary driving the rig dressed like a pirate.  (If you know me, you totally understand how a person that thinks this way is destined to be a friend of mine!)

I got a pic of GaRRRRRy and penciled him out real quick.  More on this Gary guy in a future post.  Turns out he is cool AF too!!

I redrew the whole toon again, this time larger with more detail.  The flamingo was an important addition.  Chrissy tried to explain the “why”, but If you’re doin a pirate in a water truck rat fink toon style, I don’t think you need to explain a flamingo at all.  Made total sense to me.

Here’s a look at the start of the inking.  I used Kyles comic clean brush in Photoshop.  I really like the feel of it.  The weight variation was perfect.

Here’s the finihed inking.  A lot of the character in the original sketch came through.  I was pretty happy.

Here’s the render.  The pallet is limited as it was going to be screen printed by my art partner HotRod Kristina of JCarroll in California.  Awesome outfit to work with.  X (Kristina) and Chrissy got along great.  It’s cool to know you can trust a printer to treat your client right.

Here’s where it landed.  The print came out great, and I made a friend in end.  When you get freedom of design and the whole job is surrounded by positivity, the results speak for themselves.

Huge, HUGE thank you to Chrissy and Gary for giving me a shot, and for being amazing to work with.  Thank you to X and JCarroll for knocking another one out the park.  This was one of the most fun gigs I have ever had.


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