That Time you did a HHR and rebuilt a friendship.

I got hired to do a drawing for a local locksmith.  The client wasn’t just a regular guy.  His name is Sixxball, Sixx.  He’s a cat I have known for a decade.  Our relationship has gone from friend to friendemy to estranged to ultimately revered and respected.  As I have grown and changed in the local VW hobby, he has also grown and changed to the point that he is not only a friend, but someone that I truly respect.  I tell folks all the time, Sixx is the most consistent individual in the local community.  I can admit when I am wrong and give props where props are due.  We have had a hard road, but now I admire this guy.

So Sixx hit me up to do his HHR for his business.  I have drawn his bug in the past and I did a render of his Rabbit as well.  I’ll break this drawing down, but I’ll share a couple vids first.  Here is the HHR.

Like I said, dope.

Here is the vid of his Rabbit.  I know I mistakenly called it a Cabrio and he will never forgive me for it, but there is love.


Now we can take a look at the HHR process.  🙂



This is the first stage rough sketch.  pencil on paper.  I wasn’t sure it was funky enough, but something in the rear wheel told me to stick with it.

Here is the stage 2 pencil.  It really landed good for me.  At this point I decided to render direct to pencil.  It’s a more organic process and I thought this vehicle lended itself well to that.

Flat tones get added on individual Photoshop layers.

Here I started roughing in some of the tones.  I was looking for some depth in the whites, which is always hard.  It started to speak to me though and I was digging where it wanted to go.

After a couple adjustments to levels, and hue/saturation the look it wanted to be became clear.


The final render really landed well.  Sixx had some specific needs like the ghosted logo on the hood and I ended up redoing his business card look vector so he could use it in conjunction with the drawing and extend the usability of the art in general.


This is a layout I made for him.  In the end, it all came out ok.

Sixx let me do my thing, and I was grateful.  2017 was a really hard year for me.  I had a lot of loss and had a hard time staying on schedule and doing my thing.  Sixx and his wife Heather were very patient and understanding.  I struggled to get it going because I was a bit of a wreck, but in the end, they stood by me and I am eternally grateful for that.  When your chips are down, you find out who your true friends are.  I found out that Sixx is truly one of mine.  🙂


p.s.  He still wears weird-a_s shoes, but you know…I dig him and Mrs. Sixx muches.  🙂


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