Coffe with The Tucson Bus Mob

I was honored when the Tucson Bus Mob cats said they would go have coffee with me….now they said it at about 9:50 pm and new guy Tristan was hopped up on kiddie drinks and was fully prepared to “ride the goat” when I left so I didn’t think it was gonna happen. The next morning my phone blew up, and I actually got to go hang out with a sliver of the Bus Mob. It was extremely cool.

It has become apparent that Le Buzz roasts their coffee beans with crack cause I am addicted, and once again the coffee was beyond good. There was a sour note worth mentioning though as a guy in a pickup truck suffered a heart attack. We are unsure of his status but wish him well. Somehow the time with friends means just that much more when you witness something like that, wishes to him and thank you for the eye opener.

here’s the vid…enjoy.

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