Cruise to Bubbs Grubb…yummmm!

Funny…the plan was to cruise down to a small town south of Tucson named Tubac to go to a car show on a golf course. Due to fear of broken VWs on a lonely stretch of highway we opted for a less risky destination and decided to go to Bubbs Grub in Catalina which is a small town North of Tucson.

Turned out to be the perfect plan.

Hilites include my man and protector of our freedoms, Tristan, eating a 3lb Scooby Doo sandwich and also turning Buddah and Moses into a growling beast because he had a bamboo staff, passing the spot where Congresswoman Giffords was shot (note: we LOVE her), and getting a chance to get out and play VW which I haven’t done in a while.

Thanks to “The Others” for rollin through and my man Silent Steve for droppin by just to say hi. (He hugged me like he meant it….no reach around.)

Anyway…enjoy this 4 minute vid of some nothingness….that’s how we do in Tucson.

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