This is where you can get links to some of the tutorials I’ve made.


How I draw Semi-real style cars (This week  🙂 )…a WIP-Torial

This is a step by step kinda walk through.  Hilites include how to set up a brush to simulate a varied line weight and there’s some step by step wheel stuff in it too.  Pretty fun.

Check it out Here!


These guys are kinda old, but you can look if you want.

Rendering via Paths ala Photoshop: An Overview

Just a little tute covering something I’m learning. I’m not an expert by any means but I don’t mind you bein a fly on the wall so to speak.

Paths and Rendering and Photoshop and a little crying

Illy to Photoshop Channels: The Series

This series of tutorials is a refresher of sorts in the Jeri Clow method.  Basically we go from pencil sketch to photoshop channel rendered piece.  It’s a delightful romp full of magic and mystery.

Illy to PS Part 2

Illy to PS Part 2